Top 5 Essential SEO Tools in 2018

There are various SEO tools which are useful to digital marketers. But when it comes to select the best, they look for top 5. In the year 2018, here are top 5 SEO tools that can fulfill your goals in the best possible ways.

buzzstream tool

BuzzStream– BuzzStream helps you get your email outreach and link building aspects easily. You can also use it if you are working with a team. You need to check out the new prospecting and email-finding features. They are absolutely fabulous and make sense you have to achieve a lot in no time. Its user-friendliness is another advantage.

SEMrush– Like always SEMrush is again is the “talk of the town” in 2018. It’s a super powerful keyword research application that is an important part of search engine optimization.  Apart from finding highly effective and productive keywords, it also does many roles for SEO and truly brings the expected results.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

SEO Spider– Initially named “Screaming Frog”, the SEO Spider is another great SEO tool and has clients like Disney, Shazam, and, Dell. The tool is quick at searching and finding friendly URLs. The tool also investigates your site to check for broken page links. You can also find if your title tags, duplicate meta tags, and tags of the wrong length.


KWFinder– KWFinder is the tool that helps you get long-tail keywords with a lower level of competition. Apart from finding the best keywords, the tool is also used to run analysis reports on SERP and backlink.

moz tool

Moz– Like always, Moz is one of the SEO tools that grabs its place in every list of top SEO tools. The best benefit of using Moz is that it remains updated even if the Google algorithm keeps changing. As such, you will find current and real-time results for your SEO aspects.

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